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I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to travel to Cabo with fellow blogger and friend Mikaela Wightman and Los Cabos Magazine and I left refreshed, informed and planning my next visit to this beautiful place.  Let me preface this post by letting you know what Mik and I were up to on this trip.  Los Cabos Magazine, which is a guide to the area and celebrating nearly 25 years in business, partnered with us on this initiative.  In doing so, we were given their guide to Cabo and used this tool to experience different types of activities, restaurants, nightlife and hotels.  In this blog post I am offering my personal guide to Cabo and the Baja based on my experience there using Los Cabos Guide.  I hope that it will be a helpful tool when you plan your visit!!

Our trip was documented by the talented team behind Cabo Pictures and they captured every moment perfectly.  We were so impressed with what they created, their knowledge, professionalism and we had so much fun along the way.  I'd like to give a big shoutout and huge thank you to Stephanie and her amazing family for showing me the most incredible time.  It was a truly unique and special experience for me.  I feel like I left not only with incredible memories but wonderful friends too.  (follow them on their adventures in the Baja on


I LOVE sushi and Daikoku did not disappoint with its freshness and quality.  Delicious maki was complimented with a cold beer (or two) and everything was ideal for sharing.  The setting is also beautiful as it is fashioned after a modern Japanese zen garden complete with waterfalls.  You are taken to another place when you walk into this beautiful restaurant.  A must visit for sushi lovers!

If you like freshly made pasta and pizza (who doesn't?) then you absolutely must visit Pan Di Bacco.  They make all their menu items from scratch on location and the flavor does not disappoint.  We shared a few items in our group including a couple of Salciccia e Scarola pizza, Rucola Salad, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina and Lasagna Verde...all incredibly tasty!

This is one of the most unique locations I have visited to date on my travels.  It is a 25 acre farm, hotel and restaurant/bar adjacent to San Jose del Cabo.  We shared delicious bites including Crudo Ceviche, Country Toast and Fried Tomatoes.  They also boast incredible cocktails and the house made ingredients did not disappoint.  I cannot wait to visit again next time I am in Cabo.

Tequila tasting?  Sign me up!  It was so much fun learning about and sampling different tequilas and mescals at Biblioteca di Tequila at Breathless Resort.  Learning about the process along the way was such a bonus and this is where I tried FRIED CRICKETS!  I never thought that I would eat insects, but I did and they...weren't awful haha!

La Deriva offers incredible Italian cuisine in a stunning setting with views of the beach and water.  Upon arrival, we relaxed in the outdoor seating area and sipped on a glass of wine while enjoying the scenery.  Dinner included creamy and delicious Burratta, mussels prepared in a white wine and gorgonzola sauce and fresh squid ink pasta.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff made the experience extra enjoyable. 

Located on a beautiful beach only 10 minutes from downtown Cabo, Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos is an ideal place for individuals, couples and families alike.  The warm color scheme merges orange, terracotta and yellow for a beautiful contrast of the teal ocean in the backdrop.  Cacti, palms and beautiful flowers are abundant through the hotel property creating a lush, authentically Mexican environment, ideal for the perfect vacation.  I relaxed by the infinity pools near the ocean, drank delicious micheladas from the bar and tasted the offerings from the kitchen which included fresh ceviches, tacos and guacamole.  The resort staff was friendly, attentive and accommodating and always greeted me with a smile and "hello" when they passed by.  In the mornings I ate my breakfast with an ocean view at Girasoles which included coffee, fresh juice and delicious food.  Another highlight was the spa on premises where I indulged in a relaxing hour long massage which left me feeling revitalized.  We we also enjoyed the luxury and convenience of our Jeep from 10 Car Rental and we took that baby everywhere!  We off roaded in the East Cape and drove around Cabo listening to our favourite was amazing and a great way to get around.

If you want great food, drinks, music, sleek decor and great energy, Breathless Resort is the place for you!  We started the day with the lunch buffet which included fresh fish crudos, ceviches and fresh salads.  The food was incredibly tasty and satisfying.  After lunch, we headed up to the pool where the party was getting started!  There was a cart with Veuve Cliquot, delicious drinks and a DJ playing incredible music.  You could see the energy by the pool building as the drinks continued to flow and then the foam machine came out!  I must admit this was my first time at a foam party and it was so much fun, everyone was dancing and really getting into it.  Not to mention, the views were breathtaking, with an infinity pool overlooking Cabo San Lucas and the beautiful arches and waters of the Sea of Cortez. 


This excursion was definitely a highlight for me because it was my first time sailing around Cabo on the Tropicat Catamaran.  We boarded the boat and were welcomed by the warm and smiling staff and crew as well as beverage (margarita for me)!  This is an open bar excursion with ample drinks and yummy food as well as stunning views of Cabo.  We sat back and relaxed while we sailed around the arches and beautiful waters.
This was my second excursion on the Tropicat Catamaran and it was such a fun and different vibe from the first cruise.  I loved jumping in the cool water and swimming with the fish in such a stunning setting.  The boat provided an open bar and also lunch to all of the guests and in the later part of the trip there was music and a very fun, upbeat vibe for all.

This is the place if you want to have a guaranteed good time!  I love tequila and we very much enjoyed the bottle service that the bar provided.  It was the perfect way to kick off our first night of the trip!  There is a glowing dance floor, stage and DJ playing all the jams.  We danced the night away here and loved every minute of it.
On the resort grounds at Hacienda del Mar you wil find Pitayitas, an upscale lounge/nightclub that plays incredible music and has incredible tasting drinks to match.  We met some amazing people from all over the world, danced and relaxed in the outdoor terrace area.  This is a perfect option for a night on the resort.
Oh, the famous Cabo Wabo.  How could I go to Cabo without stopping in here to try their famous tequila and hear the live band play?  The vibe is upbeat and fun in this large space which boasts a few different bars and features glow-in-the-dark murals on the walls.  I'm so glad that I got to visit Cabo Wabo finally after wanting to check it out all these years!


This stunning boutique features women's clothing and accessories including brands such as Rachel Pally, Elizabeth & James and House of Harlowe.  "Chic" is the perfect word to describe the beautifully curated selection of resort wear in gorgeous colours and prints.  The selection of jewelry was a highlight, with stunning pieces that you won't want to miss.  This is the perfect one-stop-shop for your vacation wear!  

 It was an absolute pleasure to visit this gorgeous jewelry boutique owned by Indira Lopez and Indira Sanchez.  Every piece is a work of art and we were walked through the process of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into their contemporary designs.  If you want a piece of unique jewelry that will last a lifetime, you won't want to miss stopping by Indira Gems.  

This was such a beautiful and unique boutique and home to gorgeous Mexican pottery.  Each piece is made by hand and we learned about the meticulous process and time that goes into creating the pottery.  The owners were warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend stopping here if you want to take home something truly unique as yourself or for a gift.
Pitayitas bar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Photo by Cabo Pictures
travel to Mexico with Toronto blogger Carleton Eckhardt
Skulls hanging on a wall in San Jose del Cabo
DJ in Cabo San Lucas (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Dancing the night away at The Nowhere Bar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Cabo San Lucas nightlife (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Acre Baja
The entryway to the restaurant at the gorgeous Acre Baja
dining and hotels in mexico
Girasoles, my go-to restaurant for breakfast at beautiful Hacienda Del Mar!
The bar at Acre Baja
The harbor in Cabo San Lucas from our snorkeling trip with Pez Gato (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Stunning views (Photo by Ruben Monti)
Mango toast at Acre Baja
Lunch at Hacienda Del Mar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Our Jeep from 10 Car Rental at Hacienda Del Mar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Cacti at Acre Baja
A beautiful cuff bracelet at Indira Gems in San Jose del Cabo
A handcrafted ring at Indira Gems in San Jose del Cabo
A beautiful selection of rings at Indira Gems in San Jose del Cabo
The perfect poolside setting at Acre Baja
Swaying palms Cabo San Lucas
Jenga (play at your own risk) at Acre Baja
Delicious cocktails at Acre Baja
Chocolate covered strawberries in the spa at Hacienda Del Mar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Treatment ready in the spa at Hacienda Del Mar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Helping myself to some refreshments at the spa at Hacienda Del Mar (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Squid Ink pasta at the delicious La Deriva Restaurant (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
The stunning interior of La Deriva restaurant (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Burrata and cherry tomatoes at La Deriva (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Wine to compliment our meal at La Deriva restaurant (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Cocktails in the outdoor seating area with Alistair and the Los Cabos crew at La Deriva restaurant (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Sampling the cocktails at Acre Baja (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Snacks at Acre Baja (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
The beautiful and talented Stephanie of Cabo Pictures at Acre Baja (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Trying on jewelry at Indira Gems (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Isidro Sanchez explaining the process of the beautiful jewelry at Indira Gems (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Trying on a stunning cuff bracelet at Indira Gems (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
I took home these stunning earrings from Indira Gems (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Snacks at Breathless Cabo San Lucas (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Snacks at Breathless Resort (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Fried crickets at Biblioteca di Tequila (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Yes, I ate two!  Also note the size of this margarita...I will also take two! (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
A tequila tasting at Biblioteca di Tequila (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

The interior of Biblioteca di Tequila (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Photo by Cabo Pictures
With my fellow blogger and beautiful friend Mik!  (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
In one of the stunning tree houses at Acre Baja (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Trying on beautiful resort wear at I.O. Domani Boutique (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
I.O. Domani Boutique  (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Delicious mussels at La Deriva (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
The stunning outdoor setting at La Deriva (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Shopping at Cobalt Pottery in Cabo San Lucas (photo by Cabo Pictures)
Spending the day poolside with beautiful views at Breathless Resort (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Enjoying a day of sailing on the Tropicat Catamaran (Photo by Cabo Pictures)
Exploring the East Cape in our Jeep from 10 Car Rental (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Enjoying the beautiful views of the East Cape (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Stunning Baja settings (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Fresh pasta at Pan Di Bacco
Breakfast at Girasoles Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

The setting at Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos
Waiting by the lobby at Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

A courtyard at Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

The stunning Cabo arches from the Tropicat Catamaran (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

Our 10 Car Rental at Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos (Photo by Cabo Pictures)

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