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 Hi guys!  I'm starting to write more about my experience with beauty products and services and I was very excited when Laserlicious in Toronto asked me to come in and try some of their treatments.  I am a little new to the med spa thing so I was a bit nervous to be honest (first time trying laser hair removal, anyone?)  I opted for the hair removal and a Vitamin C facial which is meant to brighten the skin.  

The office is very clean, bright and nicely decorated and the owner and staff are welcoming.  On my first visit I tried the Vitamin C facial and I was very happy with the results.  The products smelled amazing and my skin was glowing for hours after.  I attended an event that night and my skin was still bright and smooth from the treatment.  I also noticed that the overall appearance of my skin improved over the next few days (I will definitely go back for another facial treatment, loved it).    Next time I would like to try the Calming Blueberry Facial, that was the second choice on my list.

On my second visit I tried laser hair removal.  This is when I was very scared because I've never tried it before and I heard that it really hurts.   I was pleasantly surprised that it did not hurt nearly as much as I thought it would.  The first treatment was fast and not too uncomfortable (there were a few 'ouch' moments, but they were manageable and I was professionally coached through the process).  I would definitely like to hear about my readers' experiences with laser hair removal.  How was your experience and how did you find the results?  

Overall I would recommend Laserlicious due to their professionalism and knowledge.  I am looking forward to trying more of their skin treatments in the future!
 Thank you to Laserlicious for inviting me to try your amazing services.

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