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I'm highlighting two products that I love today.  The first is the Smashbox Cosmetics contour kit (with brush) which in my opinion is a fantastic product.  The kit comes complete with instructions to do your own contour according to your face shape.  I am new to contouring and have always been eager to try it myself to achieve more defined cheekbones and facial features and I was really blown away by the result!  I felt fresh faced and not over-the-top so I could wear this look every day without feeling ridiculous.  As a girl who wears very little makeup to begin with and is not the best with makeup in general (I will admit) I thought I did very well thanks to the instructions that came with the kit.  I finished my look off with a spritz of my favourite Chloe perfume.

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  2. Girls, be careful with fake products! Usually, I buy makeup products online to make it easier and cheaper. Same happened with this cream. In few weeks I was looking like a teenager, all in pimples! No the only place I can be comfortable with myself is from computer
    , of course. Thank the developer, my sexuality and self-esteem will not hurt from the fake cream!


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