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Product Review: Jord Wood Watch

Today I am reviewing a wood watch by Jord (the Fieldcrest model in Zebrawood and Maple).  Now, it's often hard to tell the actual look and quality of a product online and I definitely want to be able to try and feel the actual tangible product before I recommend it to my readers, so I'll let you know my thoughts from opening my package to everyday wear.  The first thing that I noticed when I received my parcel from Jord was the display box that the watch came in.  It's a lovely engraved wood box and the watch is set on a little herringbone cushion.
In real life the watch looks EXACTLY like it does in the picture on the website.  It 100% delivered in terms of aesthetic value and it is also lightweight which is great for everyday wear.  The watches themselves are custom sized to fit your wrist specifically and I was able to measure with a printable ruler that I cut out from printer paper.  I was a little worried that the measurement wouldn't be accurate with this method, but it was actually spot on!  The site recommends that you fit up half a size and I did and it couldn't fit more comfortably on my wrist.

I did a little research about Zebrawood as I am unfamiliar with it.  It is a hard and durable wood and has also been used for tool handles, skis and in the past Cadillac and Mercedes Benz models (fun fact).  It is definitely unique looking and in contrast with the Maple gives a really rich, textured look and perfect for casual wear.
The watch comes in women's and men's models and is a great gift for the holiday season.  My overall verdict?  I would definitely recommend this product and shop from them again for myself or for a special gift.  If you'd like to shop, I've included a link below where you will be directed to the website.
Wooden Wristwatch
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