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Travel Diary: Cuba (Varadero)

When I stepped off the plane and into the airport in Varadero, the first thing that I noticed (other than the gorgeous weather and swaying palm trees) was all the old cars - it was like taking a step back in time!  We spent our days between Havana and Varadero, both very different and wonderful in their own ways.

In Varadero the beaches were beautiful and clean, speckled with gorgeous shells and straw umbrellas.  The coconuts (filled with rum), bare feet, beautiful white sand, salty skin and hair meant perfect relaxation.  The pina coladas were to die for - coconut milk, pineapple, rum and a dash of cinnamon on top, so simple yet so amazing (I'm still craving them)!  The weather was a hot and sunny 30-33 degrees celsius, so I got my well needed dose of Vitamin D before braving the Autumn/early winter months in Toronto.

In Varadero town we explored local markets, where, among the usual touristy little items, we found pretty knits and little hand painted art pieces and spent time talking to the wonderful people.  Horse drawn carriages trotted along beside old refurbished baby pink convertible taxis.

I spent most of the day time in Varadero in La Vie En Rose swimwear and M for Mendocino sunglasses (my favourite).  After a day at the beach I wore M for Mendocino for a night out in town.
Colourful Varadero Town!
A taxi arrives at our hotel in Varadero.

Stepping off the plane at the airport - an old car parked under swaying palms.

A fan at a local market.
Straw umbrellas on Varadero beach.
A little bird walks across the sand.
Calm after the storm - Scott shot this two-piece lace outfit from M for Mendocino right after the only storm we experienced while in Cuba.
Exploring local markets.
Beautiful hot weather calls for amazing sunglasses - like these from M for Mendocino!
Hiding from the storm in a little gazebo by the beach, having fun shooting this outfit from M for Mendocino.
Beautiful blues and greens - a gorgeous beach/ocean setting in Varadero!
Cotton candy skies - sunset in Varadero.

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