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Fitness With Jawbone

The past few weeks have been really busy for me and with travel, fashion week events, social engagements and work, I haven't always found the time to really concentrate on my health goals.  Today, I am starting a 4 week health and fitness program with Jawbone and will be using their UP2 fitness tracker to help me monitor my progress.

Let me introduce the Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker to you. It's a sleek looking band (available in several amazing colours) that fits snugly around your wrist and tracks your steps, physical activities, sleep patterns and food intake (it even has a bar code scanner for your grocery shopping needs)!  You are able to select whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight, and, with your personalized details entered, the UP2 will let you know how many calories you need to consume to meet your goal as well as give you a personalized food score.  Though I consider my diet and activity level to be generally healthy, my goal is to stick to a super clean diet and incorporate a more intense fitness plan to get really toned and feel amazing.

The smart coach in your UP app gives you personalized health tips to meet your needs and the technology allows you to log your mood on a day-to-day basis.  I've just started using it and am eager to see how my results unfold in the next few weeks.  Join me as I share these results and show how I style my band for everyday wear!  I will also be sharing healthy and delicious recipes and fitness tips on the blog. 

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