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Haircare tips and tricks

I have a lot of people asking me how I've grown my hair so long and what kind of tools and products I use.  I'm going to give you a look into how this redhead does haircare. 

  1. A Good Blow Dryer - Don't grab the cheapest one that you can find from Shoppers Drug Mart or your local pharmacy.  A good blow dryer is an investment that you will use for years if properly cared for.  I always use a nozzle on my blow dryer to achieve that silky shine and a more polished style.  Also, don't wrap the power cord around the base of the blow dryer because eventually the cord will become weak and rip.
  2. Good Quality Brushes - Again, go for something that your hairstylist would use at the salon.  Salon quality brushes can be purchased at most beauty supply stores and outlets.  I have 4 different round brushes in different sizes, depending on the type of style that I want.  I also really like ceramic barrel round brushes, again, these are an investment and if properly cared for will last you a good while.
  3. A Flat Iron - I don't recommend flat ironing your hair too often, especially if you want to grow it long and have it look healthy.  I iron very rarely.  However, it is a great tool to have in case you want to go for that pin-straight look.
  4. Curling Irons - I have a few different curling irons, each with a different sized barrel.  Since my hair is naturally curly, I have a small and medium sized one and I use both of them to enhance my natural curl.  I have a larger barreled curling iron to achieve sexy voluminous beach waves.

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner - Most styles for me start with a wash and blowdry (I only shampoo a few times a week, because I do not want to strip my hair of its natural oils), so I purchase good quality shampoo and conditioner.  The one that I am using now contains argan oil and I am very happy with the softness and shine that it produces after each wash and style.
  2. Shine Serum - I don't use this as much as I used to, but am always happy when I do.  A good shine serum can be applied to those sleek styles to add a little extra shine (and they smell really good too!)

  1. How to Grow Your Hair - My advice to you if you want to grow your hair really long and have it look and feel super healthy is don't dye it.  Today I am extremely proud to be a natural redhead but growing up I had some confidence issues with my natural hair colour.  I used to highlight it and dye it all the time and it never grew.  It would break off at the ends and so I would have to keep it at a short length.  I stopped dying my hair in my early 20's and guess what, just like that it grew, and grew and grew.  I know that stylists always recommend to do a little clean up every month or so but I only trim every 3-4 months.
  2. Supplements for Hair - What you eat/what supplements you take DEFINITELY affect the growth and appearance of your hair (and the rest of your body for that matter).  If you want great hair you have to put great things in your body.  Omega 3-6-5 supplements are first choice for me.  I also eat foods that are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids like salmon, walnuts, edamame and non-fat Greek yogurt.  Protein rich foods are a must because they promote stronger, thicker, longer and healthier hair. 
  3. Don't Blowdry Right After a Wash - If you have the time, wait until your hair is slightly damp but almost dry to do your blow dry and style.  It will save a lot of time and effort (your arms will thank you for not being so tired).
  4. Go Natural - Whether you have wavy or curly hair, or sleek straight hair, make a point of wearing it natural as much as possible.  It is wonderful to embrace the natural qualities that make you YOU.  You can enhance your natural look with so many wonderful products and it won't take a ton of time to get ready in the morning or evening.
You can shop my favourite hair products BELOW!  I hope that this was helpful.  Feel free to comment with your favourite hair products/any tips that you have for me!  I am always eager to learn more about haircare.

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  1. Love your blog, it's informative and helpful. I will definitely try your hair tips and trick, and invest on a good flat iron and hair brushes. Thank you so much for sharing.


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